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New Horizons Flyby of Ultima Thule
Due to the Government shutdown, all NASA websites and social media will be offline.

Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory’s New Horizons Page
NASA’s New Horizons page
Watching the flyby: JHUAPL’s YouTube channel | Watch schedule
On Twitter: @AlanStern | @NewHorizons2015

Mars InSight Mission

InSight Mission Page

Technology in the Charlotte Mason Homeschool (link to the series page)

Part 1: Why Include Technology

Part 2: Technology Ground Rules

Part 3: Technology in the School Day

Part 4: Teaching Technology the Charlotte Mason Way

       Part 5: Living Media as a Supplement to Living Books

Our Plans for Term 2 (2018-2019 School Year)

SpaceX’s Webcast Page (live rocket launches!)

Montana History with Living and Other Books

My Reviews of Various Tesla Biographies

Picture biography of Nikola Tesla (affiliate link)