Montana History with Living and Other Books

This resource page is in no way complete! I will be adding to this page as I come across new resources. 

A Broad Look at Montana History:

Local Histories:

Native Americans: 

The Hutterites:

  • Hofer, Samuel. The Hutterites: Lives and Images of a Communal People. – Written by a Canadian Hutterite, an in-depth and thorough look at Hutterite life.
  • Stahl, Lisa Marie. My Hutterite Life. – A young woman’s firsthand account of being a Hutterite, originally started as articles for the Great Falls Tribune.

Catholicism in Montana: 


  • Collard III, Sneed B. – B is for Big Sky Country. A children’s picture book depicting places and people throughout Montana.
  • Crutchfield, James A. – It Happened in Montana. Short stories about events and people in Montana’s history.
  • Graves, Lee. Bannack: Cradle of Montana – a beautifully done book all about Bannack, Montana’s First Territorial Capital.
  • Lang, William L and Myers, Rex C. – Montana: Our Land and People. A chronological look at Montana, from pre-European to the 20th century.
  • Shirley, Gayle C. – M is for Montana. A picture book that depicts a Montana alphabet.
  • Shirley, Gayle C. – More Than Petticoats: Remarkable Montana Women. Chronicles the history of 14 women who helped shaped the state.
  • Walter, Dave. More Montana Campfire Tales – Fifteen narratives from Montana’s past
  • Wykoff, William. On the Road Again: Montana’s Changing Landscapes. Offers an incredible look at how Montana’s roads have changed over time (for better or worse) including “before and after” photographs

Composers and Musicians: