What I’m Reading Wednesday

I’m still waiting for my labwork results. One result came back and it’s definitely indicative that something else may be going on; but what depends on the rest of the labwork results. Some of the tests had to go across the state for analysis and my guess is that’s where it’s all being held up at. It’s rather agonizing to continue to feel unwell, have a little idea of what may be going on but not the complete picture. I’m working on being patient, and trying not to refresh the lab results page too many times a day. 😉

It’s quite hard to do anything thanks to how poor I feel. Each day we just take as it comes, and I try to do things when I have energy. Some days are better than others.

(If you want to make bets about what’s going on/play armchair doctor/if you’re Googling around; here are just SOME of my symptoms: brain fog, losing hair, breaking nails, weight irregularities, poor appetite, heart palpitations, sleep disturbances, exhaustion, hard to concentrate, random hand tremors and more! And nope, not pregnant; although that would be a welcome reason to feel like trash.)

THAT BEING SAID, I’ve been attempting to read, when I can actually concentrate.

I found this book in a local thrift store for $0.50. I like it because no matter how brain-drained I am each day, I can read a little sentence or two from it and have something meaty to ruminate over. It’s the perfect low-energy book, at least for this stage in my life.

This book is my book when I’m feeling a little more with it in the energy department. Honestly, don’t let the title fool you (you can tell on the Amazon reviews who has read it and who hasn’t) – it’s not what you think it is. It’s a lovely book, written very light-hearted and self-depreciating at times; but does a great job of discussing that whole “submission” thing and how it relates to marriage. This isn’t a ‘let your man beat you’ or ‘say good-bye to having a life!’ submission books, but rather what submission IS and why it’s needed in a marriage. And if you’re curious; there’s one for the men (which I’ve not read) called Marry Her and Die For Her (just in case you were wondering what the men are called to do in a marriage…).

This is quickly becoming one of my favorite marriage-related books I’ve read in a good, long time.

* * *
Say a prayer my bloodwork results can be posted soon and they show something conclusive, either one way or the other. I don’t like the whole “welllll you have symptoms of X but the bloodwork doesn’t agree so it’s probably not X, but we don’t know why you feel so bad.”

What I’m Reading Wednesday

Well, it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve done this, right? Lots of stuff going on, watching the hurricanes roll in and make sure my family is out of harm’s way, medical stuff, and more. But it’s nice to check in with what’s going on in my book world, yes?

I started reading Cardinal Sarah’s book, The Power of Silence last week. It’s a lovely, meaty book that really is challenging me as I tend to like “background noise”. Like most people, I’m rather uncomfortable with silence. There’s so much to deal with in silence that it’s easier to just have the background noise on. But, as we know; God is not found in the noise (or the earthquake, or in the fire…) but in the silence.

I suspect this will take me some time to get through, as it is rather meaty like I mentioned above as well as uncomfortable. 🙂

I like to think that I have a good handle on organization, in terms of getting my stuff done (homeschooling, homemaking, etc) and still having time to do All The Things. A recent confession determined that I’m not as organized as I thought (or said) I was. There were still plenty of time-sinks, and a lot of procrastination simply because I felt overwhelmed about what to do when the day gets off track and the like. Providentially, I won a copy of the book, A Plan for Joy in the Home. I’ve already read it and have been working on implementing it. It’s a lot like A Mother’s Rule of Life but I’m finding this way of approaching things more realistic for me, for whatever reason. Maybe it’s because it’s a short book, and it gets right into getting down to business. Maybe it’s because of the handy worksheets included in the book (or printable from the author’s website). Whatever the reason, I am enjoying it and hopefully can reign in a lot of my procrastination.

I visit the doctor tomorrow and hopefully can start moving in the right direction of getting answers to some health issues that I’ve been having as of late. It’s been impacting my energy levels, and so my book reading has been sparse as of late. Kindly pray for me!

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‘What I’m Reading’ Wednesday

Two weeks ago my spiritual reading book was the book pictured above. It’s a very quick read, written by Fr. Carney about the people he has met as he walks the streets of St. Joseph, Missouri; as well as his motivations for doing so and his plans for the future. I enjoyed it greatly, Fr. Carney writes very simply yet profoundly, and you can feel his enthusiasm for souls leap from the page. I’m extremely glad Amazon’s algorithm recommended it to me, and I’m sure I’ll be rereading it again and again.

This week, I was WAY! TOO! EXCITED! to see that Formed has Cardinal Sarah’s new book available to read.
I read his first book, God or Nothing and was greatly moved. The African church has gone through so much (and continues to do so) and yet the joyfulness they have is amazing.

I also needed some mental candy lately, on a whim I checked this book out from the digital library:
It’s quite a cute book as well as informative. I’m about 2/3rds through it, and so far it’s discussed things like capsule wardrobe, femininity, eating and enjoying it, using the best you have (because saving it for later means that it never gets used), and so on. Delightfully refreshing and still informative at the same time. Hopefully the digital library will purchase the other books that Ms Scott wrote about her time in France, as I’d like to read those next!

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‘What I’m Reading’ Wednesday

And I’m actually writing it on Wednesday! 😉

The spiritual reading I mentioned last week was fantastic. I found it hard to put down, and gleamed so many great ideas from it. It really is great for establishing a Christian household, covering aspects of prayer, devotion, discipline, cleanliness, order, and more. But rather than provide a list of “shoulds”, it provides principles and explains the reasoning behind them.

I found a great deal of Charlotte Mason-y ideas in it, such as reading of good and noble literature, plenty of time outside, limiting the TV (which could be expanded to all screens, although we do need some screens in this day and age), and more.

The Kindle edition is $0.99, and is priceless in its contents. Highly recommended!

This week I am waiting for my dog’s new friend, the UPS man to bring me new book mail (and some vitamins). Our lovely UPS carrier always brings a little dog treat for the dogs on his route, and therefore whenever the big brown van drives by, my dog starts whining and crying to be let out for his treat. Too bad Mr. UPS doesn’t stop by every day (although it’s probably best for my dog’s waistline…).

After lots of hemming and hawing, I finally decided to purchase this book. One of the big factors was seeing a “before” and “while working through the book” set of pictures from my fellow home educating friend in England. I can barely draw stick figures, so I’m excited to maybe improve my ability, even just a little bit.

My spiritual reading for this week is this book, which was a “suggested for you” by the Amazon algorithm. It’s a the (true) story of a priest who walks along with a Rosary and Crucifix in St. Joseph, Missouri; ministering to the souls he meets along the way. The Kindle sample was very engrossing, and I’m really excited to receive it and read it.

I also began Volume 3, and as usual is slow going. It takes me much more attention to read Charlotte Mason’s works, and to understand what she is trying to convey. I’m finding that the Modern English Paraphrase, over at AmblesideOnline; is truly beneficial to me in reading her original works.

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‘What I’m Reading’ Wednesday, day-late edition

Well, the best intentions don’t always translate into concrete plans; so here we are on a Thursday discussing books. 🙂 My big “behind the scenes” drama is that insurance is being whiny and claiming medically needed services are in fact, not medically needed at all and are flat out denying the coverage. I am appealing with the assistance of our provider, and thus far we have 50 pages alone of why these services are needed. I am writing a letter detailing how the services have benefited the receiver, and so on.  I am pretty much mentally exhausted after I work on the letter, and of course we’re on a time constraint AND I want it to be clear and detailed. God willing we will win the appeal and resume our regularly scheduled life.


We are still plugging through and enjoying our read-alouds that I mentioned last week. Right now I’m focusing only on the Mowgli stories in the Jungle Book. The little girls (ages 3 and almost 5) often lose interest through Jungle Book, but Peanut and Moose love it. Unfortunately, they’ve already seen the Disney cartoon and therefore are comparing the book to the movie (and hoping certain movie events happen in the book) BUT it’s a nice change of pace from our last read-aloud (Peter Pan, which is paused as my thrift store vintage copy completely bit the dust and pages are falling out, ugh. I was hoping to get the Word Cloud Classics Peter Pan from our Costco, but alas they ran out of copies).

The more I read of the Jungle Book, the more I find out that I really enjoy Rudyard Kipling’s writing. It’s so whimsical but elegant, and I think he’s a very understated author in terms of “must read books”.

I’m going to start Volume 3 – School Education soon, as I was trying to figure out which volume to read after finishing Volume 1. People have been quoting Volume 3 recently and I’ve been enjoying them; so off we go there!

For spiritual reading, I’m reading this inexpensive book about the Christian home. I’m not too far into it yet, so I don’t have an opinion formed.

I am hoping to purchase this book soon (preferably hard copy, my eyes are getting too old for the Kindle app on my tablet, and Peanut has claimed my Kindle for herself).

‘What I’m Reading’ Wednesday

I’m working on my “to-read” pile, as there are always new books to be added to it!

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This short and unassuming book is a gem. Written in a question and answer format (akin to the Baltimore Catechism), it discusses what mental prayer is, how to go about it, difficulties in performing it, and more. I’ve always been confused about mental prayer – everything I’ve read about it (until now) made it seem exceedingly difficult and confusing. After reading this book, it’s really not hard (for me) at all. Deo gratias! I can definitely see this being added in to our studies down the road.

Brandy at Afterthoughts has come out with a glorious reprinting of In Memoriam. The entire thing is free online at AmblesideOnline; but I really like a hard copy to hold (and not max out my printer in the process). This is a collection of essays, tributes, and thoughts about Charlotte Mason after her death. There’s so many great “quotable quotes” in this book, and it’s very interesting to see her influence far and wide.

For a family read-aloud, we’re reading The Jungle Book. I was happy to find this version at Costco and that it contains both Jungle Books (after chancing a used one online that has only the first Jungle Book – looks like that one is off to a Little Free Library). I don’t think it’s abridged, so that’s definitely a plus.

This is Moose’s read-aloud. I have had to do some slight editing (there’s some discussion of abuse, heavy drinking, and a crude reference to breasts) for Moose, but other than that I’m reading it as it’s written. We are getting a lot of discussions generated by this book – is Josh in the right for his actions? At what length do we go to to defend the defenseless? How do we deal with a law we may feel is unjust? And more, more, more. This book is also set locally so there’s the thrill factor of hearing about places that we already know about.

Finally, I am thrilled to finally have found a vintage copy of the Mother Love prayer book. It’s not the first printing, but the printing from 1962. I have the most recent printing of it, but have always wanted the older one. You can imagine how thrilled I was when I found the 1962 copy on Amazon for $15 (!). When it came I noticed it smelled (and still does) of incense. Glorious! I gave my red copy of Mother Love to a family member, so hopefully she can get some good use out of it.