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Category: Knitting

Knitting All the Dishrags

Back in March, I decided to learn how to knit. Using Youtube videos and online tutorials, I’ve had some fun (and not so much fun) learning.

Dishrags was suggested to me on Instagram as a Thing To Knit. I found the classic “granny’s favorite” pattern and went to work. And it’s been a lot of fun.

Four knit dishrags
Some dishrags for my aunties, with a couple still needing their ends woven in

I also purchased a book I saw in a craft store called “Knit Stitch Guide” by Rita Weiss. It’s full of different stitches to try, and clear instructions on how to do each stitch. There’s also cabling, colorwork, and more! I figured when I need a simple project, I can learn a new stitch from the Knit Stitch Guide and make a dishrag out of it.

The next project I want to do is this simple striped blanket from the Lion Brand Yarns website. I’m having problems finding the Sphinx yarn locally (and not wanting to shell out $$$ for it online), so I may substitute a different cake in that spot.

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