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Grades 2,4, and 6: Wildwood Curriculum

After lots of thought and research, I’ve decided not write my own curricula this school year. While I thoroughly enjoy writing my own, this is not the season for me to do so. Some factors that weighed in my decision:

  • the newly diagnosed learning disabilities
  • the number of appointments each week for therapies + regular checkups (vision, dental, medical)
  • my health
  • my goals for the kids for the upcoming school year
  • what worked and what didn’t work from the previous school year
  • where the kids are at in terms of age
  • what I’m expecting the upcoming year to be like
  • and so on

I decided to definitely go with Wildwood Curriculum as much as possible, substituting books that we already have read as needed. I’m not expecting too much modification, except for my 9 year old who isn’t quite ready for Form 2 but has done most of their Form 1 readings. For him I’ll be making a combination Form 1/Form 2 transition year.

Now that I have my bearings for all the kids, the fun part begins: selecting books and writing out the weekly plans!

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