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Pre-K: Blossom and Root Early Years

While I figure out what I’m doing with the older kids, I figured I could at least write out the general plan for my younger kids. The toddler will continue to blow through life as usual, although he is starting to be more and more interested in listening to stories be read to him.

My next youngest, who turns five this summer; has been itching to learn how to read and write. She isn’t quite ready for formal lessons or learning the basics of reading, but she’s not content to listen from the sidelines or play when the older kids are doing school.

I decided to use Blossom and Root’s Early Years curriculum for her. I like its approach: gentle, interesting, varied topics of learning, affordable, and actually implementable. I don’t follow it to the tee, but I use it as a backbone for the week. Amazingly, my library has a lot of the books used in Volume 1 (which is what we’re working through now), so I can just pick them up when I’m in that area. She’s enjoying the activities, and nothing we’ve run into thus far seems to be “too young” for her.

It scratches the itch for her to “do school” and I don’t have to really stress or worry about what I should be doing with her. Print off the plans, open it up to the correct place, pick out our activities, and sprinkle them throughout the week. It reduces my decision fatigue, and that’s always a help. (If I’m especially on top of things, I’ll have the library reserve 2-3 books from the plans for me so I can just go for 3 weeks before I have to go back to the library for the next batch of books.)

We aren’t too far into Volume 1 but right now it’s definitely a great fit for my daughter.

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