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DIY Curriculum or Someone Else’s?

It’s hard to believe that my oldest will be in sixth grade this fall. I’m busy thinking and researching about what exactly to do with her. I’m also trying to keep an eye on the overall picture – what will our upcoming school year look like with regards to appointments (autism therapies plus standard human maintenance, 4H, etc)? When will we take vacations? Are there any places we can visit to supplement our history learning?

This last school year, I transitioned from using a pre-written curriculum to writing my own. It worked well, although it was a lot of work for me. This year, I had intended to continue with writing our own curriculum, but given the state of Everything right now; I’m wondering if I should go back to using a pre-written curriculum and adjusting as needed (which is still work, but less).

My oldest had a look at Wildwood Curriculum’s Form 2 curriculum. She was impressed with Form 2A upper using Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone for a reading selection. I’m not entirely convinced she’s ready for 2A upper though, and would probably put her in 2A lower to start with. If it proves to be not enough challenge for her, I can always move her up as needed.

This past school year was probably the hardest I’ve ever schooled through – a variety of new diagnoses, new therapies, new changes in routine, a death in the family, health issues, a surgery, Never-Ending Winter, and more. Before I figure out which path to take, I need to take stock of what our goals are for the next school year, where we are now, what we can expect in terms of life, and how can we “reset” in terms of atmosphere and as a family?

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