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It’s Planning Season!

With the end of the school year just two weeks away, it’s time to start planning the next school year. This upcoming school year will be VERY interesting as we navigate the new-to-us world of learning disabilities. Additionally, I’ll be adding my fourth child to the homeschool in a pre-K/K level.

In order to keep everything straight, I plan on using the following:

  • A scope and sequence from the Charlotte Mason Institute (PDF link here). As we interact with a wide variety of autism-related professionals on a daily basis, sometimes they want or need to know what we’re doing in our school. This scope and sequence from CMI is the best thing I’ve come across to “translate” what we’re doing in a way that is accessible and familiar to non-CM people. It’s helpful for me to have a roadmap of sorts, especially as we get into the middle and high school years for my oldest.
  • Forms 1 and 2 planning guides from the Charlotte Mason Plenary. I love these guides so much, because I don’t feel overwhelmed with the plethora of subjects that each grade has. It’s easy to use, thorough, and it just makes sense to me.
  • Notebooks. So many notebooks.
  • Binders. One for each grade, to house what I’m writing in the notebooks.
  • Pens. I like the Pilot G-2s, smooth ink and smear-proof for my left-handed ways.

My overall planning process is shaping up to be much more streamlined than in years past:

  • Use the appropriate planning guide to select subjects for each grade
  • Use the Plenary’s resource page, the SCM Bookfinder, various CM groups on social media, Googling, and the Internet in general to find books, movies, apps, and other resources for each subject
  • Figure out our schedules (term > weekly > daily)
  • Finalize booklists after sitting on it for a while, finding books in the library, etc
  • Buy said books!

Typically I try to start planning in February, but this year has been so weird that I couldn’t handle planning in February. I’m looking forward to getting back into planning mode!

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