AO Years 5, 3, and 1 | Term 1 Week 5

You guys – we have hit it! HOMESCHOOLING PEACE! We have just the right balance between subjects, the schedule is all figured out, there’s not much drama, and everything is actually enjoying themselves! I am so excited!

Here’s how it all looks now:

Year 5: Math (Singapore), AO Free Reads, Copywork, Spelling (Phonetic Zoo), AO selections for: Science, Science Biography, Geography, History, History Biography, and Literature. We added in religion and health.

Year 3: Time4Learning takes care of science, math, language arts. We do copywork and AO selections for: History and Geography. We added in religion. And we are keeping Drop of Water because it’s really a great book (but working through it much slower).

Year 1:  Math, Phonics (MCP Plaid Phonics), Copywork, AO selections for: History, Literature, and Geography. We also added in religion.

Peanut still has a big workload, but she feels this is more manageable. You’ll notice we removed Latin from her line up, along with poetry from all three kids’ line-up.

Schedule wise, we have a general flow of things. Wok usually does her work before 9am. At 9am, Peanut and Moose start on theirs. Moose is done by 11am, and Peanut works until 11am. 11-1pm is our break for lunch, and afternoons are reserved for Peanut to work with me. If you’re not doing school, you’re either doing chores, playing, reading, playing outside, visiting the Grandparents, and so on.

We still have time for downtime, to play with friends, to keep the house mostly in shape, and more. It’s the perfect balance between rigorous and attainable.

Next week is our final week before Break Week #1. This break week was supposed to be our big vacation, but our plans for that fell through. I’m not sure what our break week plans will consist of now, but I’m sure we will figure something out.

AO Years 5, 3, and 1 | Term 1 Week 4

Yes, I did skip writing about week 3; that should tell you what kind of a week it was. 😉

We did still more adjusting as we work on finding our routine. Some books were removed from all three grades, some things were added. I decided Moose needs something vastly different from AmblesideOnline, based on how he learns. I decided to use Time4Learning with AO supplementing, as well as adding in religion. So far, it’s working out well. It completely removes me as a teacher (and removes a lot of friction) and it keeps track of everything for me (grades, plans, etc). It’s not my ideal solution but my overall goal here is to have educated adults, so as long as we get there; I’m OK. I don’t feel like I should sacrifice the relationship in order to stick with AO.

Life’s too short to be hung up on things like this.  I do hope to resume AO with him at some point, but this is not that point.

In other news, I put our Family Time subjects on a loop and that helped immensely, as we’re never really behind now in that department.

I also switched where our homeschool room is – Greg graciously agreed that our living room should be the homeschool room. Now we have more room to spread out, and it’s conveniently located next to the kitchen for my flock of hobbits.  (I’ll be posting pictures of it on Instagram sometime in the upcoming week).

I also switched Peanut’s math to Singapore and suddenly things are making sense that she was having a hard time understanding regardless of how I presented the material. Deo gratias!!

That’s a lot of tweaking that I’ve done lately, and I really hope I’m done with it. Probably not, because the kids are living beings; growing and changing and maturing.  What’s the point of homeschooling if I can’t flex and adapt and modify as needed?

Semi-unrelated to homeschooling: I actually built a portfolio and managed to get hired as a technical writer! GO ME! It’s a contract position; part-time and remote. It’s absolutely perfect for me and will bring in a little extra money. I’m hoping to be able to take on more contracts in the future once I finish this contract and keep it sustainable for a while. Having real-world work experience that’s current will be a BIG plus in accomplishing that.

(Sidenote: this blog is absolutely not included in my portfolio. I tend to write here like I speak, sometimes I get a little fluffy but this is not designed to be a showcase of my writing abilities.)

I’ve been knee-deep in tax stuff and figuring out what I need to do for that (hello, independent contractor) as well as that my city actually considers what I’m doing a business and need a business license (a special one, since I’m working out of my home). It’s mostly sorted out now, so I’m looking back to getting back into reading about AI and other things I tend to be interested in.

So it’s been quite a week – next week should be a little more settled down in comparison!