AO Years 5, 3, and 1 | Term 1 Week 2

This week: oh, boy.

I had glorious plans about writing mostly about scheduling three kids, and perhaps I will still do that, possibly next week. This week has been pretty much the opposite of last week in almost every conceivable way.  And repetitive, almost like the movie “Groundhog Day”.

Before I get into the nitty-gritty, here’s some of the good things that came out of this whole week:

  • Moose did exceptionally well again with math. Math had always been a trouble subject for him and it’s turning out that it may not be as troublesome as initially thought.
  • Peanut is about 2/3rds through Phonetic Zoo Level A, which is quite a feat. Her spelling all around has improved massively.
  • Wok is still gung-ho as ever to actually do school and tends to gravitate towards the language arts side of things (loves to write, work on phonics, etc).

Also, I became very fed up and an enacted a severe reduction and almost extinction of screen time. This helped with a lot of kid-angst. The rest of it was removed by taking a “first principles look” at homeschooling in general and realizing that if I gave the kids more control of their educations in terms of subjects, environment, etc that they are less likely to be dramatic about it all. It becomes less of “this is just another thing mom wants us to do” and more of “this is something I’ve designed for myself to do”.  I plan on writing more about that later, as well.

Last week I wrote about adjustments that needed to take place, and this week resulted in the following adjustments and what else needs to happen.

  • The schedule. Front-loading the schedule didn’t work, and so we basically decided to start removing subjects from the schedule. I’m figuring out which ones to remove and will maybe stick them into a summer term or something else. I refuse to worry about it, though.
  • I try and get all of my Year 1’s stuff done with her, but sometimes it’s best to push some subjects to the afternoon.

New things to adjust:

  • The kids want family time subjects moved to the afternoon cocoa time, along with the read-aloud.
  • Adjust my ASD kiddo’s schedule and workload. This is kind of iffy right now because we are going to be getting a massive bunch of psychoeducational evaluations done to check for learning disabilities, etc; so I need to figure out what to do in the interim while we wait for referrals and appointments. If this child struggles with reading, for example; is there underlying dyslexia that needs to be dealt with or are the reading books too hard? Is this a vision problem? Bad habits? I don’t know and I’m not sure how to deal with this while we wait for a professional’s support.
  • I need to give the kids some form of vigorous activity in the morning, after breakfast; but again, not sure what. Running around outside is the default but now the air is extremely smokey and we are under health warnings so there goes that.
  • I need to firm up the routine as I found that my ASD kiddo absolutely thrives under strict routines and schedules. With six other people in the family, how on God’s green earth do we DO strict routines and schedules – the unexpected always pops up and it’s just a mess.

So you can see there’s a few things to tweak, and some rather complex problems I need to figure out or at least get a workable solution in the interim. I am slowly uncoupling myself from what I think our reality should look like and am just looking at what our reality actually is. I wonder how much of this past week’s frustration was due to the clash between the reality in my head and actual reality. I sometimes skip the steps in getting from point A to point Z.

Here’s to a hopefully smoother week 3!

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