Catching Up

It’s certainly been a busy summer lately. Once we wrapped up our school year, we have been decompressing as much as we can and just relaxing. I was thinking about doing some nature walks over the summer with the local Charlotte Mason group, but I’m starting to think maybe not (mostly due to the inclement weather that’s been going on).

As we are going to start our next school year towards the end of August, I’ve been ramping up book purchasing for the kids. I have all but one or two left to buy for Wok’s Year 1, nothing for Moose’s Year 3, and still a lot or Peanut’s Year 5.

Some books for Year 5, Year 3, Montana history, and geology.

I’m also adding a “family time” component where the four oldest kids will be participating in, will probably happen during Nugget’s naptime; and will consist of Art Study, Composer Study, Hymn, Folk Song, Swedish Drill, German, Programming/Typing, and in-depth science topic. Peanut selected term 1’s in-depth science topic: geology. I’m also doing our own artists and composers for study – Peanut is doing Montana history this year so the artists and composers will all be Montanans. I’m putting together a page here that has a list and links to all my Montana history resources.

More books for the upcoming school year. I helped with a garnet dig for kids at a local festival, and the festival organizers put the dig right in front of the used bookstore. 😀

I’ve been getting out into the field more with the local rock club. It’s a lot of fun, great specimens are found, and we even ran into a juvenile moose! We were nervous it was a mama with babies, but since it wasn’t; we were just ignored. I also have made a couple new friends who are more into rocks and minerals than I am; so we (naturally) have a grand old time together.

The cubes are barite.

Sometimes the kids come out into the field with me, and they get to make their own discoveries! It’s also why Peanut chose geology for the first in-depth science topic.

Blue calcite, epidote, and I think there’s some garnet in there as well. Collected by Moose, age 8.

Finally, when we have had good weather and break in my husband’s on-call schedule; we’ve been CAMPING. The kids have all enjoyed it and even the dog loves all the new smells and sights he gets to take in. So far we’ve gone up into the mountains and camped by a river. It’s nice to get away from everything and not have to do much other than hike and camp and watch wildlife.

I also had a friend come over with her daughter for Peanut to play with, where we just discussed paper planners and personality theory. 😛

I need to finish getting the rest of the books for the upcoming year, then plan out the 36 week plan, and start making sure we have all of our extra resources (science experiment items, nature study stuff, do we need to refill any art supplies, etc). I’d also like to get some more camping in if the sun returns and rivers cease flooding, and keep on reading great books!

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