AO Year 4, Term 3, Week 3-4 | AO Year 2, Term 3, Week 6

Holy Week really threw me off on recording how our weeks have progressed. We are nearing the end of our school year, which is exciting for everyone. Moose has six weeks left and Peanut eight; so we’re beginning to do the final push for Moose and start thinking towards his last batch of exams. Peanut still has a break week left and then her final six, so I don’t have to think of her exams quite yet.

Right now we are on schedule to finish all thirty-six weeks of each kid’s Ambleside years and satisfy the state’s hours requirements. It’s a nice feeling to be able to start wrapping things up, soon books will be finished and our workload will gradually lighten up.

Hopefully the snow will leave and we can go outside way more than we have been lately. Everything is either snow-covered or muddy; and so while we take any and all opportunities to go outside and play; they’re hard to come by.

Some things I want to focus on for the kids as we end the year are more of the keeping aspect of things. Nature notebooks, commonplaces, timelines, and ensuring mapwork gets done. Those haven’t happened as much as I would have liked, and I’ll have to figure out how to make sure they get more emphasized in the next year.

This week I will be putting Moose into the Scrum-esque style of homeschooling. I am not quite sure if he’ll enjoy it as much as Peanut, or if he’ll see it as “another boring thing to do”. The goal of making things Scrum-esque is to help everyone get on the same page, see what they have left to do for the week, and make sure that I am receiving all narrations that need to be done (mainly from Peanut, who likes to just move on to the next subject without stopping to give me a narration).

So, we’ll see what the week brings and maybe we can get outside more – or even get a nature walk in!

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