What I’m Reading This Week

Look at all that glorious sunlight! It’s been absolutely wonderful lately, with lots of snowmelt and playing outside. Naturally it’s supposed to rain/snow/sleet/have freezing rain tomorrow so we’ll have to last through another bout of dreariness.

I’ve been working through the books above this week, none of them are really ones that you could fly through in a short amount of time. But they’re all wonderfully thought-provoking and my brain is quite thrilled.

Superintelligence by Nick Bostrom: When I originally commented about this book, I lamented about the jargon that was completely foreign to me. I had anticipated that it would take a year to read, which I was content with. While I’m not even close to finishing; it did get suddenly easier to read and understand. I find it harder for me to find time to read this book because I prefer not to be interrupted a million times. Naturally interruptions are a dime a dozen around here so if it does take me a year to read; it’ll probably be due to that.

Boundaries with Kids by Cloud and Townsend: recommended by a friend, highly enjoying it. It reads just like the original Boundaries book, except the focus is for parents and their kids. Cloud and Townsend are working on the assumption that kids are taught poor boundaries (or at the very least have them demonstrated). The goal of this book is to have good boundaries with your kids but also to help them have good boundaries so they can be constructive adults.

Please Understand Me II by David Keirsey: Slightly eye-rolly title, but absolutely jam-packed with every possible thing you’d ever want to know about personalities. This works off of Myers-Briggs 16 personality types and unpacks each one in gory detail. I had my personality typed in college and came back INFP. Greg (who was professionally typed at work) informed me that when one does that personality typing you have to answer it honestly, almost off of a gut reaction (as opposed to what one thinks the answer “should” be, which is exactly what I did in college). So, I retyped recently and it came back INTJ and I swear my entire life now makes more sense. Ever since I was a young kid, I always felt like the square peg in a round hole and now I have a better understanding why I felt that way. Even Greg is shocked by how much more “sunny” I am simply by discovering that little bit of information. I’ve been on a giant personality typing/learning kick since and have probably upped the page views significantly at Mystie’s blog on all of her personality typing posts.

(Greg’s an ENFP, if you’re curious.)

Einstein by Walter Isaacson: appropriate reading today, as not only is it Pi Day and Greg’s birthday but Einstein’s as well. I grossly underestimated how giant this book was until it came in the mail and I was honestly a little shocked. But I’m halfway through it and it’s absolutely fascinating. I have been narrating to Greg what I read and we’re learning all sorts of things about Einstein. I’m already looking for my next biography to read so biographies is definitely a genre I can get into.

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