“What I’m Reading” Wednesday

I am noticing that my books this year are really becoming quite different from what I have been reading over the last few years. I spent entirely too long in nonfiction land, save the occasional kidlit book (and of course, excluding all the books I read for the kids’ school). It’s kind of funny that I’m getting back into fiction but also exploring sci-fi, a genre that I had convinced myself I was fatally allergic to.

I decided I would give this extremely well-known book a go, and figured if it wasn’t all that up my alley it wouldn’t be a big deal. I found it absolutely hilarious and flew through it in a weekend. It’s the perfect mix of lunacy and sci-fi. Poor Greg (who, for someone who says they’re into sci-fi hasn’t read this book) was constantly asking me “what? WHAT?” during my multiple breakouts of laughter while reading. Absolutely fabulous book and I’m ashamed it took me this long to read it.

I mentioned this book on my Erin Condren giveaway post, and it’s probably one of the most complicated books I’ve read in a long, long time. It’s about artificial intelligence – can we design something that would become smarter than us? What would happen if we did design something smarter than us (or became smarter than us)? It has a lot of terms I’m unfamiliar with, and I spend a lot of time looking things up (backpropagation algorithms, for starters). So far I’m halfway through chapter one. Go me! It’ll probably take me a year to read this book through.

In my mailbox
My birthday last week resulted in a lot of books coming this week. I’m still waiting for a couple but here they all are:

Book 2 of theΒ Hitchhiker series. I had no idea there was even a series, but if the rest of them are as good as the first, I’ll be in for a good time. If 2018 is the year I apparently go beyond my regular genre of book reading, let it also be the year I try my hand at biographies. One part experimentation (do I even like biographies?) and one part reading to possibly include for the kids’ highschool years.
Some PKD. I’ve readΒ The Man in the High Castle and I’m upset at Amazon for not releasing Season 3 of their (amazing) show based on the book. I’m not entirely sure where I sit regarding PKD (I thought the book of High Castle was enjoyable, if a little messy, especially at the end) but I’ll probably have a good idea once I finish this book.

Something I should have read during my undergrad years but had never even heard of, much less read. This book is about 700 pages, so it too will fall into the “long read” category. It’s a lovely book about North American geology, and I’m really excited by it.

This one isn’t a birthday gift book, but one recommended by a friend. I’ve read the one relating to boundaries with other adults and it was incredible; so I have high hopes for this one.

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