What I’ve Been Reading Lately

Let’s catch up what I’ve been reading lately! Watching things hasn’t really happened, which may or may not be a good thing.
The Fault in Our Stars: I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy this book, I have heard people who have read it either love it or hate it. I checked out the book from the library, read it, and returned it in about 3 days. I wouldn’t say that I loved the book but I really, really enjoyed it (although I could live without the sexual situations, in my opinion it didn’t really add anything to the whole plot). The characters were deep and multi-faceted, it talked about subjects worth talking about (human suffering, terminally ill people, idolizing people, love and pain, etc). I found myself crying at the end and actually quite mad with how the book ended. Great story, but I wouldn’t let me kids as teens read it (which is unfortunate because the overall story is really good).
Know and Tell: This book is the answer to almost every narration question I’ve ever had. Why do it? How does it transition to written narration? How does narration replace an entire writing sequence all together? What about kids with special needs? Late to narration narrators? I wish this book had come out when Peanut was just learning narration, as it would have saved me a lot of mental heartburn; but better late than never. It will definitely help me with my up-and-coming narrators.
The Long Winter: read this in one weekend in order to feel less bad about constant snowfall we’ve had lately. We haven’t had as much snow or as cold of temperatures that Laura and her family dealt with; but we have had the incessant snowing and the inability to go outside and do things. And of course, we completely lack that whole starvation aspect. Walking With God: if you’ve ever wondered how the Bible fits together, or why the Old Testament God seems so different from the New Testament God (even though they’re the same God), this book is for you. Absolutely incredible and does a wonderful job explaining the overall story of salvation, important cultural notes that explain a lot of things and clarify a lot.
The Living Page: I’ve had this book on my bookcase for an embarrassingly long time and finally have decided to read it. This book is to keeping notebooks (not the current “notebooking” style that is common in some homeschools) that Karen Glass’ book is to narration. The Living Page has really done a wonderful job (complete with actual PNEU notebooks!) to show which were notebooks were kept, how they were kept, why they were kept, and so on. I’ve found the “general Charlotte Mason lesson plan” schematic in the back super helpful; and have implemented it with much success with both Peanut and Moose. A must have (along with Know and Tell) for any Charlotte Mason homeschooler (or anyone who has an interest in narration or simply wants to know more!).

I have several more books in the ‘currently reading’ section of my life, and hopefully it won’t take me a month to post about them. 🙂

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