AO Year 4, Term 2, Week 7 | AO Year 2, Term 2, Week 10

This week has been one of those “turning the Titanic” weeks where we spend a while getting back on the routine. It takes a lot of effort to get back into the swing of things, but at the end of the week it’s always hard work well spent and everyone is much calmer as a result.

Incorporating Wok into school has been easy, simply because we’re super low-key with her. She has a list and we check off what we get done, based on what she’s interested in. Right now it’s math and handwriting, with some art and Mater Amabilis stories thrown in as well. I have no intent on keeping her on a rigid schedule so we’ll get done when we get done. I’m not 100% sure I’m going to do all 36 weeks of MA, right now the goal is to get her ready to listen to AO’s Year 1 readings in the fall with the habits of attention and obedience, and lay the groundwork for narration. So right now everything is fun and light and I have no stress about what she does each week.

(You can see on my sidebar that Wok has been moved into Year 0.5 to reflect her status as almost ready to begin Year 1. 🙂 )

We’re getting to the end of some books for Moose – we have one more chapter of The Little Duke and two chapters left of our saint biography about King David. He’s almost finished with The Wind in the Willows (which makes him quite pleased). He’s brought out his next term’s books and is absolutely ecstatic that finally – finally – we will start reading Robin Hood very soon! I think he’s wanted to read this book since he first saw it in his Year 2 stack.

I only need one more book for Term 3 – a saint biography. I was hoping that one of the ones we have in the house would interest him but he’s informed me that he’s interested in reading about St. Ignatius of Loyola. So, I’ll have to purchase the Vision book about St. Ignatius sooner rather than later.

I am really pleased with Moose’s progress this entire year. One of the poems we read today mentioned an ermine, which he remembered (fondly) from when we read about it in the Burgess Animal Book. His narrations are really growing and he’s able to remember longer, more complicated readings before stopping for a narration. Math is finally coming along with a combination of Math Mammoth/Simply Charlotte Mason math and IXL. It still causes a lot of anxiety so we just go slow and stop as soon as we hit resistance. Some days we can go our entire scheduled slot, other days it’s merely 5 minutes. However we are seeing noticeable results and that is helping Moose be less anxious over all.

We are also preparing Moose to receive First Confession and First Holy Communion which is causing much excitement in the house! Peanut is especially excited for him to be able to join her at the wedding feast of the Lamb!

Peanut is also coming along right nicely this year. Having a weekly schedule vs daily is 100% easier and we discovered that Fridays have turned into the “easy” day, where all of her schoolwork is done rather early in the morning. The rest of the day is devoted to playing, exploring her own interests, reading, and coding on her computer (which was Greg’s computer from the early 2000s, hooray for ancient yet functional machines).

Year 4 is really a great year. Peanut is making connections regularly and is developing opinions about people’s characters, which is something she’s realizing outside of books, as well. She is also beginning to get self-motivated and is able to devise her own schedule based on what should be done that way (as in, I can give her a list of subjects and she can organize them in a way that her mind won’t be worn out by doing two hard subjects back-to-back). Her Friday work starts as soon as she’s done with breakfast without my asking as she’s connected that once she’s done with her schoolwork the rest of the day is hers (and of course, she wants a lot of time to do her own thing!).

I am really impressed about her development in terms of motivation and organization. At her age I was no where near that level of self-motivation and I was content on having someone arrange my schedule for me. Sometimes Peanut is fine with however I’ve laid out her schedule, but sometimes she decides that she has a better way and we use that instead. These skills will be extremely useful for the rest of her life so I’m quite thrilled that she’s developing them now.

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