AO Year 2, Term 2, Week 9

Despite the sickness that has invaded the house, we slowly chiseled away at Moose’s week. It’s important to give him some level of routine, even when the days are really NOT routine. Both days where we were taking kids to Urgent Care were just free days for him, in which he used his free time to build a giant diorama of Jurassic Park. Once everything settled down, I just looked at my list and picked something off of it to read/do and left it at that.

I’m experimenting with a Happy Planner “Trendsetter” planner to record all of our schooling. Right now I’m recording the hours in the notebook that I’ve been using all year; but will switch over to the Trendsetter for the next school year once I find a good way to use it. The “daily” pages are simply lists like the one above – my goal is to use each week, record all the kids’ weekly assignments, and cross them off as they do them (and record times). There’s a two-page spread at the beginning of each month that I plan on using to track homeschool goals, when to administer reading level tests (for my own edification), etc. So far I’ve just done the one page up there, but I’m really liking it. Red is Moose, purple is Wok, and pink is Peanut.

(I should do a “how I plan” post because I’ve totally figured out a great system for recording all the things that need to be recorded.)


The big shocker this week in our reading was the SHOCKING DEATH in chapter 11 ofย The Little Duke. I cried during the pre-reading and got choked up when I was reading it aloud to Moose. Even he was shocked and stunned and didn’t know what to think. Interestingly, I received the best narration from him that I’ve ever heard. So it clearly left an impact on him!

We still have a couple things to wrap up for Moose, which we will probably do sometime today or just push it to Monday. My overall goals for the week are to keep the healthy people healthy and the sickies comfortable and not get worse; which seems to be happening nicely. As everyone get better we’ll slowly return to our regular schedule. But until then, it’s nice to sit back and take it easy.


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