AO Year 4, Term 2, Weeks 5+6 | AO Year 2, Term 2, Week 7+8

We resumed school last week, and did a great job of not doing the weekly write-up. In my defense I slammed my hand in the car door and typing up anything was the last thing on my mind. Happily, nothing was broken (but my poor pinkie is beyond bruised and still slightly swollen). Typing is getting easier and easier. (This week’s injury was a pulled muscle while shoveling snow, sigh. I’m thinking I’ll just wrap myself in bubble wrap this year!)

At any rate, we had a gentle week last week to help everyone get back into the routine. This week I made judicious use of the Technositter as in addition to my mangled finger, three of the five kids had the same cold. It’s passing through, but this week was definitely a low expectations week.

Some highlights:

  • Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson is picking up (finally) and it’s becoming a favorite of both Peanut and me. I’ve found it best for Peanut to read almost all of the book selections except for the literature selections, history biographies, and mythology. I reallllllllllly want to read ahead but I’m being good and sticking to the schedule.
  • Moose had a great breakthrough with math and is so exciting to watch. I’ve noticed he’s been drawing and coloring more, as well as building more intricate creations with his Legos. I wonder if there’s a correlation between that and his sudden “aha” with regards to math.
  • Even Wok is getting in on the fun – her drawing went from the “tadpole people” stage to “stick figures” to “stick figures with lots of details, like fingers”.  She continues with her kindergarten-y workbooks and thoroughly enjoys them. I’ll start moving her towards Mater Amabilis’ kindergarten program when she’s done with workbooks in preparation for her starting first grade in the fall (!).
  • Peanut and Moose lost the same tooth about 3 days apart from each other.
  • I’ll be slowing Peanut down in Latin, as it’s getting harder as we go along; and I prefer she actually learn the lesson vs cramming it in and forgetting about it.
  • Moose is beginning to read chapter books (Magic Tree House) which is quite exciting for him. He’s currently into pirates so no surprise he should begin with the pirates MTH book.

Peanut goes on break week next week, and I’ll continue on with Moose. He’s desperately excited to get to Robin Hood, but that’s in Term 3. Almost there, buddy!

I’m starting to put down on paper the next school year – Years 5 (!), 3 (!!), and 1 (!!!). I find it helps me get through the February burnout if I start thinking ahead to the next school year – what books I want to use, substitutes, etc. Right now I’m in the brain dump stage – looking at a variety of sources and dumping everything into a text document. As the weeks move on, I’ll start organizing things and removing books from the list; until I get a final list and start book shopping. Moose will finish Year 2 first, so I need to look at a calendar and figure out when that is. He’ll get a week or two off and then move right in to Year 3. I have a similar plan for Peanut, although her break (may) be slightly longer than Moose’s).

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