AO Year 4, Term 2, Week 2 | AO Year 2, Term 2, Week 4

This week, we’re back into our regular schedule of AO readings. I’m not totally sure on what our Christmas schedule will turn into; but I think we’ll just be playing it by ear and taking our time through the month of December.

Over on my Instagram, I posted about how I had a great idea to help Moose stay focused on getting school done, but also respecting his needs as a boy and be moving around a lot. It has helped so much (even if we have only been doing it for a couple of days, haha).

Speaking of Moose, we are getting through The Little Duke {aff link} with rapt attention. This is one of those books that I see mentioned a lot on Facebook and in the forums. It starts out so … dense, but about halfway through everything changes and it becomes quite seamless in terms of what’s happening and why. I absolutely love the self-realizations that the Little Duke learns during some of the more pivotal parts of the book. It is really a great book, and it’s definitely making Moose think a lot about governing yourself, friends vs foes, chivalry, devotion to a cause greater than yourself, and more.

I am really pleased with how well Moose is taking Year 2. I wasn’t sure if how everything would work out given compulsory age, his rough start to 2017 (that broken leg, which should have been a good indication about how 2017 would progress), and his general shutting down for anything smelling like “education”. Alas, we have done some adjustments and I can see him actually getting excited for all his schoolbooks.

I’ve started to look at Year 3 and begin tracking down books we will need. I also had a realization I need to get some books for Year 1 for Wok!

* * *
Peanut and I had a great conversation tonight about World War II, Pearl Harbor, A-bombs and more since she saw me reading A Song for Nagasaki and was curious about what Nagasaki was. We had some very good questions – who was at fault for the bombing of Japan? Could you put someone at fault for that? Was the pilot right in bombing? Did the Emperor think we were bluffing? What was the motivation for the attack on Pearl Harbor? Why even learn about this stuff, anyways?

It’s those unscheduled conversations that pop up seemingly randomly that make this all worthwhile. All the hard and frustrating days, the days where it seems like nothing is sinking in; totally worth it. All the stuff we’re learning currently (American Revolution) sets a foundation for when we do talk about WWII. It all builds on itself and relates into everything else. We’re all connected, and she’s starting to see that.

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