What I’m Reading This Week

Slowly making my way through my book pile, hooray!

I did finish up Marry Him and Be Submissive. I liked this book, but I wasn’t over the top impressed with it. I do think that the writing is great – very casual and friendly – and the subject matter is often treated very poorly (or in a really weird way), but it wasn’t in this book. I did like what she had to say about Biblical submission and how it played out in the scenarios she saw around her; but it felt a tad repetitive towards the end. Still, a book I’d have no problems recommending to people discerning marriage.

I’ve also been slowly making my way through Cardinal Sarah’s The Power of Silence. The good Cardinal has such a way with words and I refuse to just slam through it in order to mark it done. I know that silence is so important in this world and there’s such a lack of it, especially in my own house. And I’m not just talking about the kid-noise. I’ve had many discussions with Peanut and Moose about the silence of God, that it is in silence that He talks to us; but they just don’t quite ‘get’ it (and really, who can, fully get it?). Maybe this book can help me explain to them in some way.

Moose and I finally finished Rescue Josh McGuire and have moved on to My Side of the Mountain. Honestly, it took us so long to finish Rescue Josh McGuire because we were still working out when would be a good time for me to read aloud to him and just general household chaos. But, we pegged it to bedtime and it worked out quite well. I thoroughly enjoyed Rescue Josh McGuire, I remember reading it as a kid and so it’s wonderful to share a book with my kid now – and that he received the same (or even more) enjoyment that I had. It helps that it’s set just down the road from us, and the landmarks discussed were quite known and therefore there was a personal connection to the book.

He’s enjoying My Side of the Mountain, which I figured he would. Survival books seem to be his “thing” now, along with learning random German from Greg and I (apparently we drop little German nuggets in our speech, I had no idea I did until Moose started walking around saying “Das ist nicht gut!”) and lengthy discussions with Greg about the Spartans.

For the girls, I’m reading Little House in the Big Woods. As with Moose, I pegged it to bedtime. This gives me time to decompress after reading for the school day, get housework done, etc; and rest my voice before the bedtime read-alouds. I read half a chapter each night since the chapters are quite long, and the little girls (Little Miss Sunshine especially) has a hard time listening for an extended length of time.

At any rate, it’s nice to finally have some sort of a routine around here for extra-reading; and it’s great to get some more of my “to read” list taken care of.

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