AO Year 2, Term 2, Week 2

Last week was pretty low-key around here. Peanut was on break and exam week, and Moose and I continued to travel through our many books for Year 2, Term 2.

I’m finding him really engrossed now with The Little Duke and Our Island Story. For those using AO in Year 2, hang in there regarding The Little Duke. It does start off very dense and heavy and it feels like you’re slogging, but about halfway through everything makes sense and it comes together nicely.  Now, TLD is one that is asked for and provides some of the best narrations. OIS is also captivating, as long as we manage to keep the people straight and stay on top geography. Otherwise it can get pretty overwhelming. We do our mapwork with OIS – before we read, we plot everything on a map and keep refreshing our minds as we go along.

I really think that the concept of break week is really helping everyone. Six weeks isn’t too terribly long, the break week doesn’t interfere with the overall rhythm, it’s predictable; and the kids know now that after 36 weeks of work, the next “grade level” starts. They get two breaks a term, with one week having exams.

One thing I’m thinking of doing in the future is transitioning to AO For Groups. Essentially I’ll be adding a Year 1 every two years for the next six years; and so I wonder if maybe AO For Groups would be easier in the long run. I’m not sure yet, but it’s one of the things swirling around in my mind as of late. Right now the kids have a lot of individual work, and “the riches” are mostly combined (Artist Study, Composer Study, Shakespeare, Nature Study, Art Lessons, etc).

Tomorrow Peanut gets back into the swing of things with the beginning of her Term 2. I pulled out all of the “new” term books and will be doing my pre-reading today. As with Moose, I found her exams highly interesting and really doing a wonderful job of showing what’s working, and what needs to be adjusted. 🙂

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