AO Year 4, Term 1, Week 7 | AO Year 2, Term 1, Week 9

This week has been an eventful week, with snow (!) and scheduling changes and “going with the flow”.

I was optimistic that my doctor would have figured why I feel so horribly bad. I’m not really any closer to figuring out why, and I’m waiting on bloodwork results to come back. He didn’t really seem to think how I’ve been feeling is too out of the ordinary, and perhaps it’s not; but it’s nice to double-check and make sure. In the meantime, I’ve been adjusting school as needed in order to get done what needs to get done and still make sure I’m not burning the candle at all possible ends.

Moose will finish up his school tomorrow; as today was shot in the ground with homeschool swim class, sleeping in, and my issues. He was quite happy to have a relaxing day today, and I used my energy to get Peanut through her work for the week (including a Latin quiz and spelling quiz). She did wonderfully on her Latin and we’re almost ready to move on to the next lesson in Phonetic Zoo, so I’m quite pleased.

We shook up how we do Shakespeare and Plutarch by hooking that back into the Afternoon Tea Time. I found a Librivox recording ofΒ A Midsummer Night’s Dream, so I can relax as well and save energy during the afternoon slump. Plus, a variety of voices makes it WAY more interesting than me reading it all. I’m still trying to figure out where Tea Time will sit during the week, I’m thinking Wednesdays since that’s the new “light” day. MovingΒ Robinson CrusoeΒ to an audiobook was also a great idea, it’s become Peanut’s new favorite book and she’s almost finished it up for the term. πŸ™‚

Moose is still fascinated with knights, and uses his free time once his lessons are finished to watch knights documentaries, play Lego knights, play Playmobil knights, look at books about knights, play knights outside, KNIGHTS KNIGHTS KNIGHTS.

Tomorrow the plan is to finish up Moose’s week 9, finish up loose ends on the housework and overall take it easy. Hopefully I’ll have more news regarding my bloodwork, when I had bloodwork last week I had results posted over the weekend. One specific test has to be sent across the state for analysis so that will take a couple days; but the local ones should (hopefully) be posted soon.

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