AO Year 2, Term 1, Week 8

This week was one of those crazy weeks.

We began the week with {yet more} heat. We also had the first meeting of choir today, which went quite well. The kids will be taught solfege as well as hymns and other songs. One of the kids is a little reluctant but we’ll see how things go as we get into the swing of things.

A regular day, we finished our work early and spent the rest of the day gallivanting and playing around. This day was probably the most normal of the week! 😀

Our special needs child’s therapy was moved to this day, so our lighter day now happens in the middle of the week instead of towards the end. We did some read-alouds since our mornings are now eaten up by the appointment. Okie-dokie. Wednesday was also the last day of MEGA-HEAT and so I encouraged the kids to go outside and enjoy themselves.

We were going to have a nature walk but it started raining early Thursday morning and hasn’t stopped. We moved the nature walk indoors and looked at bugs in books and field guides. The rain did let up slightly so the kids (mine plus some of a friend’s) all went outside and found a bug wrapped up in a spider’s web, pill bugs, seed bugs, and some beetles. We wrapped up our nature adventure with kids playing and moms chatting.

Side note: if you’ve been following along on my Instagram; you will be happy to know that this precipitation is putting a massive dent on the wildfires that have been plaguing Montana. Pretty sure the fire season is finally O-V-E-R. 

Rain changed into snow in upper elevations, although the snow line on the mountain behind my house is almost level with the road. I had a fasting blood draw at noon this morning for my health insurance program, after that I went to the grocery store to get a bite to eat. By the time I came back home we had just enough time to pick up kids from Grandma’s and head down to homeschool swim class. Swim class this year is MASSIVE, with extra sessions scheduled in order to accommodate everyone. I saw a lot of familiar faces.

Despite the snow, the blood draw, and swimming lessons; we still managed to get done all of Moose’s work without sacrificing quality or scrimping on lessons. As we are 2/3rds of the way through the term, I’ll need to start thinking about exams for Moose soon.

* * * *

Peanut did well with her break week, her handicraft project is to make a skirt that is appropriate for Mass for her (as in, the appropriate length). She’s rather petite so finding age-appropriate clothing that fits her is getting harder as she gets older. All we have left to do is put in the waistband, iron it, then wash it and it should be ready for Mass this weekend!

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