AO Year 4, Term 1, Week 6 | AO Year 2, Term 1, Week 7

This past week, I had both Peanut and Moose working again. I’m finding that the rhythm is getting easier, and the shifting of subjects isn’t a surprise to anyone, as are my request for narrations and discussion. I’m finding more conversation happening with Peanut, especially in relation to the term’s history tales book (about Benjamin Franklin). She was very surprised to learn that Ben Franklin had slaves, as it (obviously) wasn’t discussed in Liberty’s Kids. We did some extra digging regarding this topic and discussed how Benjamin Franklin reacted to one of his slaves running away, his thoughts about slavery, cultural norms, and so on. You could see her wrestle with this knowledge and discover that not everything is so nice and black and white.

Moose is making great connections regarding the kings of England and discussing why some of them weren’t exactly nice and noble – beginning to introduce that tension that Peanut is experiencing – that just because someone says they’re going to do something good doesn’t always mean that they will. And we’ve had many good discussions about just and unjust behavior, especially by people in positions of power.

This week, Peanut will be on break week and I’ll just have Moose in lessons. Peanut will have some handicraft work to do in order to keep herself occupied as well as get something specific for her. Hopefully I’ll be able to post her results soon. 🙂

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