AO Year 4, Term 1, Week 5

Moose is on break week this week. Peanut has one more week of work before her first break week.

Last week I mentioned several things that I was going to use with Peanut this week:

I’m happy to say that those three changes really helped out around here. Peanut finally had that light bulb moment that if she finishes her work before the time limit, then she has the rest of the time off to do what she wants to do.  Needless to say, she’s been extra motivated all week as she knows that if she has “elastic time” then her break time is extremely shortened. Or even not at all!

I had Peanut create paper doll type figures for A Midsummer Night’s Dream and we act out the scenes with them. I think that is really helping her see what’s going on, combined with the fact that we already know the play from the retelling we read last year.

We also put Robinson Crusoe on an audiobook which has also made a considerable difference. My copy (in addition to having no chapter markings) has unique spellings (walk’d vs walked, cloathes vs clothes), which I’m not used to reading. In the interest of actually reading the book vs getting bogged down in the spelling, we’ve been listening to it on Librivox. I could read the Project Gutenberg copy but it’s kind of exciting to switch mediums for one story. And we can listen to it over the hubbub of the house without me straining my voice.

Her favorite book currently is Minn of the Mississippi after not really feeling it for the first few weeks. 🙂 She is quite good at plotting Minn’s travels on a blank map and labeling appropriate states and other features.

Next week both kids will be back at it. Peanut has enjoyed the one on one time with me and I was able  to troubleshoot some issues that I noticed had been going on. When Peanut goes on break week I suspect I’ll be doing the same with Moose, figuring out what exactly is working and what needs some adjustment. 🙂

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