AO Year 4, Term 1, Week 3 | AO Year 2, Term 1, Week 5

A little late in getting this up, as this is last week’s work. It languished in drafts until now!


There was a lot happening this week, with the excitement of the upcoming solar eclipse and a day off to celebrate the Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary. Moose resumed physical therapy to keep working on recovery from his leg break (seriously, don’t break your leg – we’re four months away from the one year anniversary of leg-break and here we are, building up muscle still). We had a lot of flexing and bending to our schedule but we still managed to get everything accomplished that we needed to and I didn’t need to turn into a drill sergeant in the process.

There are many forest fires in the vicinity, and a cold front has blown in so much smoke. Several times visibility dropped on the interstate to 5 miles or less, simply from smoke. We have had ash falling from the sky on multiple occasions. The kids eagerly check out the Air Quality website, if the dot for our city is yellow or green they can go out and play. It’s been orange and red, which is not conducive towards people with lungs. We’ve talked a lot about air particles and measuring that, why it’s not a good idea to go outside when the air is rated orange or red. Naturally everyone has a bit of cabin-fever and it hasn’t been pretty. We’ve watched some nature and military documentaries; but mostly the kids play with Legos, Playmobils, or other toys; read or draw, or end up doing extra chores around the house.

God willing we’ll get some rain in here and help put out the fires. Needless to say, we are all looking forward to cooler temperatures as Autumn slowly arrives.

The biggest excitement this week was finally getting to “the main event” in Robinson Crusoe. The copy I found in a thrift store has no chapter breaks and unique spelling for some words, so it’s something I’m reading aloud to Peanut. The lack of chapter breaks and figuring out what words are (walk’d vs walked, for example) makes it pretty tiring for me to read. I was unsure if my copy was even acceptable, as I kept waiting and waiting for the shipwreck and finally we got to that point. Things are picking up now and it’s becoming one of Peanut’s favorite read-alouds. 🙂 (The spine is really pretty, so I was concerned that someone had taken a random text and stuck it in there and sold the book as a decorative book. I checked it against Project Gutenberg and it’s the correct text and it looks to be unabridged. Score!

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