‘What I’m Reading’ Wednesday, day-late edition

Well, the best intentions don’t always translate into concrete plans; so here we are on a Thursday discussing books. 🙂 My big “behind the scenes” drama is that insurance is being whiny and claiming medically needed services are in fact, not medically needed at all and are flat out denying the coverage. I am appealing with the assistance of our provider, and thus far we have 50 pages alone of why these services are needed. I am writing a letter detailing how the services have benefited the receiver, and so on.  I am pretty much mentally exhausted after I work on the letter, and of course we’re on a time constraint AND I want it to be clear and detailed. God willing we will win the appeal and resume our regularly scheduled life.


We are still plugging through and enjoying our read-alouds that I mentioned last week. Right now I’m focusing only on the Mowgli stories in the Jungle Book. The little girls (ages 3 and almost 5) often lose interest through Jungle Book, but Peanut and Moose love it. Unfortunately, they’ve already seen the Disney cartoon and therefore are comparing the book to the movie (and hoping certain movie events happen in the book) BUT it’s a nice change of pace from our last read-aloud (Peter Pan, which is paused as my thrift store vintage copy completely bit the dust and pages are falling out, ugh. I was hoping to get the Word Cloud Classics Peter Pan from our Costco, but alas they ran out of copies).

The more I read of the Jungle Book, the more I find out that I really enjoy Rudyard Kipling’s writing. It’s so whimsical but elegant, and I think he’s a very understated author in terms of “must read books”.

I’m going to start Volume 3 – School Education soon, as I was trying to figure out which volume to read after finishing Volume 1. People have been quoting Volume 3 recently and I’ve been enjoying them; so off we go there!

For spiritual reading, I’m reading this inexpensive book about the Christian home. I’m not too far into it yet, so I don’t have an opinion formed.

I am hoping to purchase this book soon (preferably hard copy, my eyes are getting too old for the Kindle app on my tablet, and Peanut has claimed my Kindle for herself).

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