‘What I’m Reading’ Wednesday

I’m working on my “to-read” pile, as there are always new books to be added to it!

(Almost all of these links are all Amazon affiliate links, thank you for using them and supporting my humble blog.)

This short and unassuming book is a gem. Written in a question and answer format (akin to the Baltimore Catechism), it discusses what mental prayer is, how to go about it, difficulties in performing it, and more. I’ve always been confused about mental prayer – everything I’ve read about it (until now) made it seem exceedingly difficult and confusing. After reading this book, it’s really not hard (for me) at all. Deo gratias! I can definitely see this being added in to our studies down the road.

Brandy at Afterthoughts has come out with a glorious reprinting of In Memoriam. The entire thing is free online at AmblesideOnline; but I really like a hard copy to hold (and not max out my printer in the process). This is a collection of essays, tributes, and thoughts about Charlotte Mason after her death. There’s so many great “quotable quotes” in this book, and it’s very interesting to see her influence far and wide.

For a family read-aloud, we’re reading The Jungle Book. I was happy to find this version at Costco and that it contains both Jungle Books (after chancing a used one online that has only the first Jungle Book – looks like that one is off to a Little Free Library). I don’t think it’s abridged, so that’s definitely a plus.

This is Moose’s read-aloud. I have had to do some slight editing (there’s some discussion of abuse, heavy drinking, and a crude reference to breasts) for Moose, but other than that I’m reading it as it’s written. We are getting a lot of discussions generated by this book – is Josh in the right for his actions? At what length do we go to to defend the defenseless? How do we deal with a law we may feel is unjust? And more, more, more. This book is also set locally so there’s the thrill factor of hearing about places that we already know about.

Finally, I am thrilled to finally have found a vintage copy of the Mother Love prayer book. It’s not the first printing, but the printing from 1962. I have the most recent printing of it, but have always wanted the older one. You can imagine how thrilled I was when I found the 1962 copy on Amazon for $15 (!). When it came I noticed it smelled (and still does) of incense. Glorious! I gave my red copy of Mother Love to a family member, so hopefully she can get some good use out of it.

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