AO Year 2: Term 1, Day 1

I’ve decided to do a “rolling start” to the school year this year. Rather than start everyone at the same time, I’m starting kids one at a time, based on their year, their level of independence, their needs, and more. As things roll on, I’ll add in the other kids.

Moose, my Year 2 student this year; is my first one to begin this year. Of all the kids, he needs the most flexibility in his schedule and still needs my help for almost everything. After giving him a little bit of time off, we hit the books today.

Honestly, things went well. Very well. He has had a lot of maturation recently and was able to do the entire day’s work without drama. We utilized the baby’s nap, and the girls all played Playmobils downstairs while we worked upstairs. He was done in about 2 hours, which shocked him as he said it didn’t feel like two hours at all (with a couple of breaks). 🙂

There was some slight whining about why he had to start now but no one else did; but I explained to him that as long as we don’t overdo it on the breaks (or take months off at a time), he should finish Year 2 before Peanut finishes Year 4. Additionally, he saw the stack of Year 2 books and was super excited to dive in, although he desperately wanted to start with Robin Hood. Sorry buddy, going to have to wait until the third term for that one.

I am waiting until Peanut begins (next month) to do “the riches” with them. In order to keep Moose’s days varied and fulfilling, I am using other composers/hymns/artists that strike our fancy. Tomorrow is the U.S. Independence Day, so there’s a lot of Sousa and patriotic songs currently playing.

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